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Back in the Day:

The story starts in 1932 when our great-grandparents got married on a lovely plot of land in Nantou, Taiwan.  Using it to practice herbal medicine, they raised their family off the land.

Suddenly overnight, Japanese colonial rule ensued.  Our family was deprived of their rights, including their livelihood to practice herbalism.  In an effort for reinvention, they decided to grow tea on their land.

Farmers, poets, and intellectuals were given asylum on the land as well, gaining a reputation as a sanctuary.  This story has since been preserved in their seminal anthology: Drunken Meadow. 




Keeping the name, Drunken Meadow has since been passed down from generation to generation.  In 1991, the first batch of Frozen Peak Oolong was created, alongside the much respected Oolong teas of Central Taiwan.  Built on quality and experimentation, each harvest tells a unique story.

Fast forward to 2014, two childhood friends Furay Chang and Eric Chan brought Drunken Meadow to New York.  A Brooklyn tea company, with a history.  Just like our great-grandparents, we want to reinvent the way you consume and think about tea.  We search the best for cold brew, so you can enjoy our tea with just two simple ingredients:  

Drunken Meadow Tea + Ice cold water